Christmas Tree Recycling

As it does every year, Charleston County’s Environmental Management Department is offering its Christmas tree recycling to everyone in the county. Once depleted of their holiday cheer, they are ground into compost at the Bees Ferry Compost Facility. Collection is easy – if you live in a municipality where curbside yard waste is picked up, then trees can be left at the … Read more

Recycle Electronics in Charleston

Like most Americans, Santa brought you some new gadgets this year. Tablets, smartphones, Blu-Ray players, flatscreen televisions – it may be your first, or it may be replacing an outdated model. New or old, large or small, functioning or not, an important consideration is what to do with those electronics that have lost their usefulness. It will likely take an … Read more

2013 Charleston Eco-Home of the Year

Sustainable and eco-friendly homes are increasing in popularity across the world, and Charleston is certainly no exception. We have seen many properties come onto the market in 2013 with green features, ranging from the great prevalence of tankless water heaters to installations of solar arrays and geothermal systems. While it may normally be difficult to decide which of these impressive … Read more

Arbor Day in Charleston

In Mayor Riley’s 2012 State of the City Address, he proposed the creation of a new organization that would be “committed to the reforestation and beautification of the edges of our suburban neighborhoods.” He was speaking about Charleston’s new 10,000 Trees Commission that seeks to support the planting of trees along highways, shopping areas, streets and parks throughout the city. … Read more