The Beaux-Arts Architecture of King Street

Photo by Jonathan BoncekThe Beaux Arts style is a product of French neoclassical architecture that made its way into American design in the late 19th century. Characterized by masonry walls, façades of quoins, pilasters, or columns, and wall surfaces decorated with garlands, flowers, or shields, the term “Beaux Arts” derives from the École des Beaux-Arts in France. Many American architects studied in the late 19th century and brought home ideas based on classical precedents inspired by their experience in France.

Evan R. Thompson of Preservation Society of Charleston details eight beautiful examples of Beaux Arts Architecture of King Street in this week’s Charleston City Paper. “Second Sunday is the perfect time to walk down King Street at a leisurely pace without getting run over,” says Mr. Thompson. “A good place to start is at the corner of King and Queen streets and head north toward Calhoun.”

The 8 Beaux Arts Properties Selected by Mr. Thompson:

Photo by Jonathan Boncek
Urban Outfitters at 371 King Street.
  1. 164 King Street (Charleston Library Society)
  2. 239 King Street (Starbucks)
  3. 253 King Street (M.P. Demetre Jewelers)
  4. 285 King Street (C. Wonder)
  5. 302 King Street (Bits of Lace)
  6. 304 King Street (King Street Grille)
  7. 360 King Street (University Books of Charleston)
  8. 371 King Street (Urban Outfitters)


A Second Sunday guide to King Street architecture | Charleston City Paper

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