Preparing for Heavy Rain

As we stare down an epic rainfall event in Charleston, preparation for potential damage to homes is in order. To help ensure personal safety and the protection of our homes and personal property, consider these guidelines from Rain Ready, an initiative of the urban sustainability laboratory Center for Neighborhood Technology. Before The Event Inspect your home. Remove leaves and debris … Read more

7 Ways to Green Your Thanksgiving Dinner

You don’t have to go cold tofurkey to green your Thanksgiving meal. Try these seven ways to have a celebration full of all your favorite Thanksgiving traditions — while putting some eco-friendly twists on your feast.       1. Have the “coolest” Turkey Day ever Can a turkey dinner help fight climate change? It can when it’s made using … Read more

Christmas Tree Recycling

As it does every year, Charleston County’s Environmental Management Department is offering its Christmas tree recycling to everyone in the county. Once depleted of their holiday cheer, they are ground into compost at the Bees Ferry Compost Facility. Collection is easy – if you live in a municipality where curbside yard waste is picked up, then trees can be left at the … Read more