On or Off Market

Think of your home as a ‘product’ that may be sold in any number of ways, and as a real estate broker I will not pretense that I am entirely unbiased in how one should go about it.

That being said I would still rather shoot straight: the methods of selling a home depend on any number of personal and financial factors, and that decision is best left to you.
The perfect scenario is for you to find a buyer for your home by word of mouth, at a price you are confident is fair, in a timeframe that works well for you.
This is absolutely the best path and no matter what your next steps may be, continually market your home personally. We suggest to visit https://reali.com/sell/ to get more information.

In all likelihood the buyers you need will not be in your circle of friends, so clearly you need to ‘market’ your product to the public.
There are some free-to-cheapish options for doing so:

For some situations these options may be the best way to begin.


For most property owners, I posit that a properly experienced real estate broker would serve your interests.

As with all ‘products’ markets can vary – is your home’s market moving quickly, or are there products lingering on the shelf?
Are your circumstances motivating you to sell your product quickly, or do you have some time to prod the market while you search for your next home?

These factors and others should inform your decision on how to proceed.

Customize your home listing

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a Listing Plan that works