Using an EcoRealtor

Simply put, a sustainable home supports healthier and happier homeowners. It’s also more cost effective than comparable but less eco-friendly homes, and more marketable!

How do I help home buyers choose the best home?

I provide insight into the true costs of a home.
Understand energy efficiency factors associated with insulation, windows, appliances, heating and cooling systems, and other features that affect the monthly operating costs of a home.

Confidence in the indoor air quality and other health impacts.
Identify and address environmental issues in the home including indoor air quality, ventilation, VOC paints, carbon monoxide issues, radon testing, and water quality.

Evaluation of structural attributes on energy usage.
Determine the impacts on energy usage based on the orientation of the home to daylighting and overhangs, as well as shading and wind breaking from tree placement.

Consideration of natural landscaping features.
Assess the existing landscaping of the property and potential improvements for native plants and hardscapes to minimize water usage and reduce runoff.


How do I maximize the offer price when selling your house?

I position energy efficient features, ensuring the comfort and energy saving attributes, and then marketing these benefits to secure the best price.

I emphasize the healthy aspects of your home, communicating the features attractive to buyers concerned with indoor air and water quality.

I highlight the connectivity of your neighborhood, demonstrating the benefits of community open green space, and the advantage of bike-friendly, walkable proximity to local shops and restaurants.

I make your listing stand out, not only to the growing number of eco-conscious buyers, but also to everyone concerned with the ongoing costs of operating a home!



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