Support Our Charleston Neighbors – Social Distancing Edition

The first year of the 2020s has admittedly kicked off with a bizarre start. Many of us are working from home, cabin fever is beginning to take hold, and there is plenty of worry to spread around.

While most of us are fortunate enough to ride this wave without too much disruption, many members of our community are more sensitive to these disruptions than others – let’s inject a bit of normalcy during this shakeup to boost the resilience of our great city.

Keep shopping local

Even though you’re shopping from the sofa even more than usual, be sure to give our local shops some love.
Many shop owners have taken to social media to show off their pickup-friendly wares, including many fun items I’ve not seen before this week.

Don’t be shy! Reach out to them by direct message or by phone to see if they have what you’re looking for or to ask about whatever specials they may be offering, especially on perishable items they may in overstock.

Donate to food banks

No explanation needed, and no personal contact either.
Go to Lowcountry Food Bank and give them some money – they know better than us what is needed and where to get it.

If you have pantry items, perhaps the best place is your nearest neighborhood pantry or other distribution center. Otherwise LFB is still accepting curbside drop-offs.

Order to go

Our heroes in Charleston’s food & beverage scene are accustomed to praise, but empty seats they are not. As much as you reasonably can, order take out – many local restaurants have begun curbside pickup service, and we are loving those getting creative with package deals… like the beer and toilet paper combo special.

Pro tip: jump on Instagram and follow the tag #CHSeats – enjoy!
Update 3/21/2020: our esteemed governor has signed an order to allow curbside and drive-through pickup of alcohol sales 
Update 3/23/2020: the hashtag #CHSToGo is beginning to trend on the social medias – plug it in to see up-to-date pickup menus

assistance those with increased risk

Our elderly and immunocompromised neighbors are likely feeling the stress more than most – the biology of the situation makes venturing into public a more dangerous situation.

Heading to the grocery store or pharmacy? Reach out to those who may appreciate you picking up a few items for them.

Stay in touch

Sunday Brunch is un ubiquitous affair in Charleston, lately served up a bit differently – while many of us are becoming better cooks, we are still toasting our mimosas via apps like FaceTime and Google Hangouts, and Zoom.

May the show go on! 🥂