Update: Park Circle Home Values

Homes in the Park Circle community of North Charleston, SC

Three years ago, I wrote an article to examine the home values in Park Circle, and illustrated how they were increasing at a faster clip than most other areas. Using City of Charleston as a comparison (admittedly a large swath, but works well enough to make a point), I looked at how those home values increased over time versus those in Park …

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We Survived a Charleston Snow Day

Ravenel Bridge in Charleston Snow

It began on a Wednesday afternoon – most of Charleston was home from work and school, anticipating a historic weather event. What started as freezing rain became snowfall flurries, then a bit of a blizzard. It has been nearly thirty years since we’ve experienced this sort of thing, so we enjoyed the novelty of it. And there is truth to …

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Is Park Circle Still a Good Deal?

Park Circle arial photo

Venture just north of the Charleston peninsula and you’ll come upon one of the first planned urban communities in South Carolina, the beautifully greenscaped, hip and popular, hot neighborhood of Park Circle. Designed in the 1920s around a central circular park (obvi) with main streets radiating outward, the neighborhoods of Park Circle are composed mostly of traditional, midcentury homes intermixed …

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