Charleston Property Tax Guide

Charleston Tax Parcel MapProperty taxes in Charleston are some of the lowest in the nation for both primary residences as well as for vacation homes and investment properties. Kiplinger rates South Carolina in the top ten most tax-friendly states, with reasonable income tax rates, and “very low” property tax rates.
(See: Kiplinger Tax Guide to South Carolina)
There are also tax advantages for seniors that make South Carolina a particularly attractive state for retirees.

Use the Charleston County Tax Estimator below to compare tax rates across home values and municipalities. For the most up-to-date and detailed information regarding property taxes, visit the Charleston County Auditor’s Office. Before closing on your home, you can contact the Assessor’s Office to get a written estimate: 843.958.4100.

Charleston County Tax Estimator


Primary Residence

The tax rate for a primary home in Charleston County is 4% of its assessed value, multiplied by a fractional millage rate (usually around 0.25), with eligible tax credits and tax relief. See the example provided by the Auditor’s Office, where the annual tax on the average $200,000 home is just over $1,000.

Second Home or Investment Property

The tax rate for a secondary home in Charleston County is 6% of its assessed value, again multiplied by a fractional millage rate. Even though secondary properties are not eligible for tax credits, the rate is still very friendly for those looking for a vacation home or investment property.

Homestead Exemption

The S.C. Homestead Exemption Program is for homeowners over age 65, or disabled, or legally blind, allowing a tax exemption of up to $50,000 of the value of the home. The exemption is for S.C. legal residents, and only for the primary residence.
To apply, contact the Charleston County Auditor’s Office at 843.958.4200.


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