When entering the Port of Charleston, ships are guided in by expert harbor pilots – local experts that know every depth and every sandbar; every current and every tide. 

These in-depth articles are here to familiarize homebuyers with the process of purchasing property in Charleston, authored by a local Charlestonian with knowledge of factors unique to the Lowcountry that are critical for smooth sailing.

Property Tax Guide

Demystify Charleston’s property tax system with our in-depth guide. Unravel intricacies of tax rates, exemptions, and assessments impacting your property value. Whether you’re a homeowner or investor, navigate the tax landscape with ease.

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People riding bicycles in downtown Charleston, SC

Student Home Buying Guide

Undergraduate students attending College of Charleston often enjoy on-campus life for their freshman year, which can smooth the transition from high school to living as a

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Buildings on King Street in Charleston, SC

Short Term Rental Buying Guide

Visitors to Charleston have no shortage of options for their accommodations:  boutique downtown hotels, oceanfront beach houses, scenic marshfront townhomes, among many others. For those

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Storm surge waves crashing over East Battery Street

Flood Insurance Guide

Owning property in a place we have lovingly christened The Lowcountry is clearly going to involve a conversation about tropical events. Most places around here

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