– Across the Bridges –

The iconic waterways of the Lowcountry define the geography of Charleston, and the bridges leading from Downtown Charleston connect to a number of adjacent communities – mostly residential towns, each with their own character.

Crossing the great span of the Ravenel Bridge over the Cooper River leads you to the bedroom community of Mount Pleasant, which also connects to two of the Lowcountry’s famed beaches – Sullivan’s Island and Isle of Palms.

Traversing the drawbridges over the Ashley River connects to the part of Charleston we call West Ashley, with its swaths of residential nooks clustered around numerous business districts.

Two large sea islands flank the southern portion of the Lowcountry – the marsh-laden James Island that buffers the Atlantic side of Charleston Harbor, which connects to the even larger Johns Island – a semi-rural region dotted with farms and a strong sense of local pride.

Often considered an extension of Mount Pleasant, Daniel Island is a relatively recent planned development that is a new urbanist town in its own right.